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On June 7, 2015
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A moderately priced inversion table that seems good!

Who does not feel stressed with daily life? We all experience pain and one such pain is too much to handle. Back pain is a problem that plagues us all and the solution to this complication is hard to figure out. The Ironman LX300 is a simple and effective solution that can assist you in getting rid of back pain, decompressing the spine and reliving muscle tension. It is the ultimate pain relief equipment that you can purchase.

Designed using 0.7 inch foam soft back rests, heavy duty torsion bars and a 1.5 inch steel frame, this inversion table can tackle environmental elements just as easily as it can handle daily wear and tear. It brings together the benefits of an ankle and strap system with foam rollers and ankle cushions thus delivering a comfortable and secure inverting solution. Moreover, the Ironman LX300 can help you invert to a complete 180 degrees.

Best of all, it accommodates anywhere from 275 pounds to 6 feet and 6 inches height. The entire unit though weighs just 55 pounds when completely assembled.

Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table
  • Home inversion table for adding extra crunch to exercises and may help relief from back stress
  • Foam vinyl covered backrest, comfortable for the head and back when inverting
  • Combination foam roller and ankle cushions to hold ankles securely and safely

My Ironman LX300 Review & Experience

Ironman LX300

The Ironman LX300 is a typical inversion table that is designed to provide immediate relief from spine related issues or pain. It is not your average inversion table though. When we purchased this equipment, we heard from other users that it was suited for sciatica pain and hence could deal with any kind of back related condition.

Now having purchased it and tried it out for a week, we believe this to be the case. In fact, once you have worked hard at the office you want something that can help with the back problems. The Ironman LX300 does this by releasing pent up tension and stress in the back. The moment we hop on this table and invert, we feel an immediate relaxation of the body and the back. It is like our go-to machine to relax before a party in the night. Best of all, this table actually does provide relief from your occasional sprain or strain in the shoulder and neck region without the need for massage therapy.

In our opinion, the steel frame gives this table a rigid and sturdy feel. However, it does not really increase the weight since the design incorporates tubular steel components. So, as long as you weigh in below 275 pounds and aren’t more than 6 feet 6 inches high, you can easily settle into this table without it falling apart. The ankle restrainers feel comfortable and do not really burden the ankles with your entire body weight.

It has a comfortable design with sufficient cushioning and straps to distribute your entire body weight evenly. However, after 10 minutes we start feeling pressure on the ankles and now have resorted to using a towel wrapped around the ankle. This helps tremendously and lets us stay inverted for more than 15 minutes at a time. One other thing we would like to point out is that the single pin design makes it easy to adjust the back rest and ankle holder without actually getting off the table. In the one week we have had this table, we noticed that the foam padding regained its shape immediately after use and the tubular frame never creaked.

Even if it does all this after a couple of months, you need not worry because the warranty on the Ironman LX300 is for a long 1 year and it includes protection against any kind of problem or defect

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  • Vinyl covering for the head rest and spine to keep your back comfortable.
  • Cushions and rollers made from foam add to the comfort and keep the ankles safe and snug.
  • Can be used to perform crunches as well as recover from back pain.
  • Safety handles are extra long and come handy in righting the body position while inverted.
  • Takes a maximum of 275 pounds at 6 feet and 6 inches high.

Richard Wilcox - Inversion Table ExpertThe Ironman LX300 might not be the best inversion table on the market, but it does come with an affordable price tag. You get to invert up to 180 degrees, and has a maximum weight limit of 275 pounds. It isn’t the absolute best inversion table on the market, but it’s definitely one to consider!

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My Final Conclusion For The Ironman LX300

The Ironman LX300 is not your expensive feature packed inversion table that can take extra attachments or multitask. It is a simple table with no extra fills that provides only relaxation to the back. If your only goal is to experience relief from back pain after a hard day’s work then this table is perfectly suited to your needs. Construction wise it is superior than most inexpensive tables, perfectly balanced and made from strong steel tubular frame. It is padded and cushioned with ample vinyl protection to ensure comfort and comes with a lightweight body that makes it easy to assembly and store away. We find the Ironman LX300 to be a decent investment for the returns it gives and thus endow it with a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

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