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On June 18, 2015
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The Ironman iControl 500 builds upon the iControl 400 to give you a more comprehensive, relaxing and therapeutic inversion therapy experience.

The Ironman iControl 500 Inversion Table with Air Tech Backrest is the perfect way to stretch your back from the comfort of your own home, with the Ironman iControl 500 you don’t need a fitness instructor to help you work with this piece of equipment – you simply need the instruction manual.

The Ironman iControl 500 is very stable, built from a 1″x2″ frame constructed of heavy duty oval steel, but also containing the “Air Tech” foam backrest that allows both firmness and comfort, this inversion table offers up the best of both.

The “Open Space” design allows you to move more freely when inverting allowing you to perform crunches or sit ups while in the inverted position as you are held to the inversion table by two secure ankle braces. And, if you wish to maximise your workout and stretch your back muscles, the Ironman iControl 500 includes a stretching bar designed for such a specific purpose.

The Ironman iControl 500 is designed to hold users that are between 4’10” and 6’6″ and weigh up to 285lbs for maximum safety and efficiency (by customising the inversion table to your specific height) when reducing back pain, stress and increasing circulation.

The pivot point and ‘Lock/Unlock’ system allows the user to invert to any angle they wish without having to tighten or loosen a tether strap beforehand, allowing you to get the results you want, when you want them. Used in conjunction with the pivot point and lock-in feature, are the extended handles that allow you to easily push and pull to the desired inversion angle and return to the normal position when you’ve finished inverting.

Ironman iControl 500 Disk Brake System Inversion Table with Air Tech Backrest
  • Frame Construction is heavy duty 1"x 2" oval steel frame construction to prevent any instability when inverting
  • The "Air Tech" backrest is 2.75" thick ribbed soft foam for superior comfort when inverting
  • "Open Space" design eliminates interference from the usual front support bar found on other inversion tables when getting on and off the table

My Ironman iControl 500 Review & Experience

Ironman iControl 500 Review

Having had my Ironman iControl 500 inversion table for a while now, I have grown incredibly appreciative of its simple yet innovative features. And comparing my own to ones my friends have got only makes me all the more thankful for it, having to jump off the table to adjust the maximum angle of inversion with a tether strap is both time consuming, bad for your back (from straight to hunched with no interval to reach the tether strap) and trying to guess the length of strap past the buckle that corresponds to the angle of inversion is like trying to find the answer to ‘how  long is a piece of string’.

As soon as my collapsible Ironman iControl 500 was delivered to me I started eagerly fitting together all the bolts, nuts and screws – I didn’t mind how long it took, the more secure it is, the better to be honest, and after about two hours I used it for the first time.

I had already gone onto the internet and looked at all of the correct and incorrect techniques for using it and so I simply placed my phone in the holder (very convenient), adjusted the inversion table to my own height (I would recommend measuring yourself and converting your height to feet and inches beforehand), used the extra long handles, locked myself in place and hey presto, I was inverted with very little effort at all.

The Ironman iControl 500 definitely felt (and still feels) perfectly balanced so, as tentative as I was, I began to try a sit-up, I think I managed about five the first time before I had to stop, rest at 900 and get off the inversion table (due to its effect on your circulation it’s vital that you only use it for as long as feels comfortable). The whole experience left me with no added strain on my back or my neck, I am definitely a satisfied customer.

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  • The “Air Tech” backrest, it feels comfortable allowing me to just relax or, if I want to exercise it prevents my back from becoming uncomfortably sweaty due to the ventilation within the soft foam.
  • The Lock/Unlock, I like that I have total control over what degree I invert to, it makes me feel more comfortable overall (I don’t really like the full 1800 but I know others do). As soon as I start to feel out of my comfort zone I can just move back to the position I was in a moment ago and lock myself in place.
  • The “Open Space” design/lack of a tether strap. Can you like that something’s missing? Either way, I definitely do appreciate the fact that I don’t have to rely on a flimsy scrap of material to tether myself into my chosen inversion angle.
  • It costs less than $250, for a best quality machine (admittedly manually operated but still) constructed of heavy duty steel, a comfortable but supportive “Air Tech” backrest formed from soft foam that ventilates, a stretching bar to maximise the good results and the lock/unlock system, for the Ironman iControl 500 you get a bargain.

Richard Wilcox - Inversion Table ExpertThe Ironman iControl 500 takes from the iControl 400 and improves upon it. You get a comfier inversion experience, and the handles and whole table feel more durable. The automated technology is outstanding and you truly get to experience the full benefits of inversion therapy around the clock.

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My Final Conclusion For The Ironman iControl 500 Inversion Table

The Ironman iControl 500 has helped me to get rid of my back/neck/shoulder pain after being hunched over my laptop for hours on end (although it takes longer for me to get it in the first place now) whether working or web-surfing, and the effect on my circulation increases the blood flow to my brain allowing me to think more clearly whenever I carry out an action or am simply thinking of the solution to a minor problem.

With the Ironman iControl 500, there’s no more wincing or groans whenever I turn my head because my neck’s stiff. In fact, I think I’m going to go and invert right now, why don’t you?

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