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On June 7, 2015
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The Health Mark Pro Max is the most advanced inversion table available.

If relaxing your back really means a lot to you and your spine then you need a professional level inversion table. The Health Mark Pro Max is one such table that promises pro level therapy. It is designed to help out deal with blood circulation problems by letting you sit up in a face-up manner while inverted to relieve compression fatigue felt by the shoulder and neck region. Thankfully, while you invert in this posture, it also massages the back or lets masseurs work on the back of clients, if you plan to commercialize this inversion table. The best feature of the Pro Max possibly though is the fact that it is might easy to use.

All you have to do is choose any of the five preset angles and then lie back until the machine reaches the position previously selected. Then you can stretch your body, do whatever it is you have to get circulation back up. Every exercise and position in the book is possible with this inversion table. Construction wise, it includes rear ankle brackets, easy to access front brackets, knee support and a rolled thigh with foam back support. There are a total of 25 height selections which accommodate a total of 6’6”. It can support a maximum weight of 600 pounds, which by far is the highest in the industry. Finally, this inversion table carries with it a one year long warranty cover.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table
  • Inversion therapy table designed to help simulate blood flow
  • Relaxes back, decompresses spine, and improves posture
  • Works in traditional "face-up" or inverted "face-down" position

My Health Mark Pro Max Review & Experience

Health Mark Pro MaxYes there are plenty of inexpensive inversion tables in the market. And yes there are plenty of tables with more than one year warranty cover. However, the Health Mark Pro Max provides something that no other table brings to the playing field. It is a complete professional table with the ability to completely invert backwards, lock in 5 different positions and adjust to 25 different heights while supporting a total of 600 pounds. In our books, this itself makes it worth the investment, provided you really need an inversion table so bad.

We got this table just because it was rated 5 stars by one and all. If we were not reviewing inversion tables and if we did not like this technology we would never have spent $700ish on it. Having said all this, we have to agree on one thing with other reviewers, it has got so many features that half of which you never even realize when you use them. The reason for this probably lies in its ingenious construction that incorporates quality components and durable but well padded support. The table looks sturdy and is much larger than anything else we have laid our eyes on. Naturally, assembling the Health Mark Pro Max took us a while. We took a total of 90 minutes to get everything together and double checked before it was ready for the maiden run. Once we had the table set up though, things were super easy. Just choose an angle for inversion, strap yourself in, get yourself comfortable and let the table take you to your preferred angle.

You can do different exercises while being inverted with ease. We performed crunches from an inverted position and now prefer doing our crunches on this table. It really does workout the abs while helping to decompress the spine. For those who want a commercial inversion table either for their chiropractor clinic or for their massage center will love the fact that this table helps in face up and face down orientation equally well. It is in fact, one of the best tables out there to commercialize considering its nominal price tag in comparison with actual professional tables. Yes, the warranty is a bit low, but its construction gives us full confidence that it shall last more than one year.

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  • Decompresses the Spine and helps improve posture.
  • Inversion and therapeutic table that lets you commercialize with masseur service.
  • Can work in face down or face up position.
  • Provides 25 height settings, 5 present angles and supports maximum of 600 pounds.
  • Protected by a 1 year warranty.

Richard Wilcox - Inversion Table ExpertThe Health Mark Pro Max is our all-time favorite Inversion Table. It offers absolutely everything you would ever need to get started with inversion therapy. Suitable for novices, intermediates and pros. The price tag is a bit off-setting, but this a table that demands a commercial or professional setting.

More Information About The Health Mark Pro Max

My Final Conclusion For The Health Mark Pro Max

Normally an inversion table is supposed to invert with gravity, help decompress the back and do nothing more. The Health Mark Pro Max actually does this and much more. It also holds the inversion angle letting you workout the abs, shoulders and neck region. It accommodates a face down posture for chiropractors and masseurs. And finally, it provides a whopping 600 pound capacity with a 6’8” height restriction, which is the best in the industry.

In short, there is no reason why one cannot look at the Health Mark Pro Max. Purchasing this beauty is a completely different thing and the only two reasons we can think of is because you desperately need it for your back pain or because you are filthy rich. A definite must-have professional inversion table for commercial settings such as a gym environment.

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